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Vladimir Belous




Grandmaster Vladimir Belous collected all of the best skills from Russian chess. He was a disciple of Grandmaster Sergey Arkhipov, Grandmaster Valery Chekhov, and Grandmaster Evgeny Bareev, who taught him how to prepare for the game, detect and use his opponents' weaknesses for the win. He had a chance to attend classes taught by famous Coach Mark Drovetsky, where he learned how to improve his converting and endgame technique.

Vladimir Belous won his first Russian Championship, category under 10, in 2003. Since then, he has won the Russian Championship under his age group 4 times. He also was the winner of many other tournaments and championships. He earned the title Grandmaster when he was 20 years old. He passionately likes to share his knowledge and experience with his chess students.

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512-888-9822 for a free assessment

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